We appreciate reliable partnerships, a constructive exchange and above all we aim to create value for everyone involved.

Do you?

Feel free to contact Anna if you would like to team up with us. Find all contact details below.

Who could be a partner?

Consultants & Agencies

who would like to use our solution to increase the revenue of their customers in the event sector or who would like to learn more about the practical implementation of MICE Revenue Management.

Hotel- & Event- Professionals

who already use our tool successfully and would like to recommend it to their colleagues.

Tech Provider

who recognise our product as a suitable complement to their own tool and therefore would like to connect. Let’s increase the benefit for all hotel & event professionals together.

Educational Institutions

who would like to impart sound practical and theoretical knowledge in a rather new discipline to their students. vereinWe would be happy to reconcile with you in advance whether you prefer us to appear neutrally or if an insight into our tool is required.


who want to help their members advance in terms of content and technology. We are happy to share know-how and exchange ideas. We feel particularly connected to small and medium-sized enterprises, as we ourselves come from such a company.


who would like to report about our work and/or our tool. We are always available for personal questions. Feel free to ask us about benefits for your audience if you would like to recommend us.

Which kind of partnership is yours to go for?

We propose the following partnerships. If you have an idea of a different one, feel free to put forward a different suggestion.

Content & Marketing Partnership

We would be happy to market ourselves together where our content and/or technical connection points exist. From joint webinars, press releases, newsletters or trade show appearances, many things are conceivable for us. We can also list you on our partner page or on our partner board.

The best way to discuss the possible content partnership is to get to know each other via MS Teams or Zoom.

Referral Partnership

You would like to recommend our tool to your network? Help your clients or industry colleagues simplify and accelerate event sales and increase long-term revenue with our revenue management tools.

You would like to report about our work or our tool? We are always available for personal questions. Feel free to ask for a promo code, which you can mention in your article about us. Depending on the reach of your medium, we offer exclusive discounts for your audience.

We will be happy to get to know each other during a MS Teams or Zoom call and exchange ideas without obligation.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Whether you need up-to-date input for your educational institution, your association or your colleagues: Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share our practical and theoretical knowledge with you. We get to know each other during a first MS Teams or Zoom call. We are eager to learn how we can help you. Perhaps with a webinar, workshop or impulse lecture?

If neutrality is important to you, we will gladly convey the content on our core topics of Revenue Management and Sales Automation in the event sector without our company logo and insights into the tool.

How do we imagine our partnerships to be?

We prefer individual partnerships with benefits for both sides! Fairness, clarity and reliability are very important to us. We would be happy to get to know you during an initial MS Team or Zoom call.

For referral partnerships, we will create an individual promo code for you, to which we will attach jointly agreed conditions. You can pass this code on to your customers, your network or your colleagues. By tracking the promo code, we are able to assign exactly who referred our new customers.

How can get into a partnership?

Let’s get to know each other during a MS Teams or Zoom call and exchange ideas without obligation. At the beginning it is important for us to find out about your motivation for a partnership with MiceRate. If it fits for both sides, let‘s get started! 😊

What is the value of partnership with MiceRate?

Depending on which partnership is suitable for you, you will receive commission from us for newly acquired customers or you can receive exclusive discounts for your customers or your network. This can also be based on reciprocity: We will also gladly recommend you to others if we think that your services and/or products are suitable for our customers X or Y.

You can always rely on our practical knowledge and experience in the field of Revenue Management for events. We are happy to share our know-how so that everyone benefits.

No matter which partnership you want to enter with us: You will get individual support with a fixed contact person, as well as a clear, fair and transparent agreement.


Write an e-mail inquiry or call me at +49 6132 – 4220693.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.